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Better living through better health.

One of SVCOA’s newest services, the Wellness Program is based around the fundamental goal of promoting overall physical and mental health among older Vermonters in our region. Although in its infancy, the program is already making strides toward meeting this objective through several initiatives including “Tai Chi for Falls Prevention,” a series of nationally-recognized and evidence-based classes aimed at improving the balance, strength and general health of seniors, wellness-focused fairs and educational presentations, and referrals to key community resources that offer programming specifically for older Vermonters, among other efforts. SVCOA believes in empowering and supporting individuals to remain energized and active in their communities – both physically and mentally – and our Wellness Program is here to assist with that process.

For more information about SVCOA’s Wellness Program, call the SVCOA HelpLine at 1-800-642- 5119.

SVCOA HelpLine


The HelpLine is a toll-free, confidential service that provides older Vermonters, caregivers and others with information, referrals and assistance toward accessing local, state or national resources and services.