Elder Care Clinician

Elder Care Clinician

Support, on your terms in your setting.

SVCOA’s Elder Care Clinician Program is a collaborative effort between SVCOA and Rutland Mental Health Services. The program offers a range of mental and emotional health services to Vermonters age 60 and older who are primarily homebound and would have difficulty accessing office-based care. Our elder care clinicians provide these services in the security of a client’s home, ensuring ease of access in a comforting setting. Additionally, elder care clinicians provide support to caregivers of those dealing with mental health issues so that they have the tools to manage their own challenges and stress.

For more information about SVCOA’s Elder Care Clinician Program, call the SVCOA HelpLine at 1-800-642-5119.

SVCOA HelpLine


The HelpLine is a toll-free, confidential service that provides older Vermonters, caregivers and others with information, referrals and assistance toward accessing local, state or national resources and services.