SVCOA announces new caregiver registry

RUTLAND, Vt. – Southwestern Vermont Council on Aging (SVCOA) today announced the development of a new professional caregiver registry designed to counter the growing, unmet need among older Vermonters in Bennington and Rutland counties for caregiver services.

“The COVID-19 pandemic and the need to socially isolate has spotlighted and exacerbated an already significant deficit in caregivers available to meet the needs of the growing population of older Vermonters,” said Jennifer Plouffe, Bennington County Aging Services Director with SVCOA. “We saw this as a prime opportunity to develop creative solutions to meet the caregiving needs of older Vermonters in our service area.

“The caregiver registry serves a dual purpose in helping to address the caregiver crisis. It’s a tool to help connect those interested in providing caregiving services, and is also a resource for providing options to older Vermonters who are in need of and qualify for caregiving services but do not have consistent access due to continual staffing challenges experienced by those agencies designated to provide formal caregiving services in Vermont,” Plouffe added.

The registry, which is currently being populated, will serve as a formal database of professional caregivers available to provide services in Bennington and Rutland counties. All caregivers listed on the registry will be background checked and vetted by SVCOA, and their availability in terms of geographic work areas, scheduling and services will be documented.

“We think this will be an extremely valuable resource for older Vermonters in efficiently identifying caregivers that can be paid through state programs such as Choices for Care or the Moderate Needs Group, or privately paid by those who might not qualify for these types of services,” said Dana McMahon, Rutland County Aging Services Director with SVCOA. “SVCOA values a person-centered approach in the work that we do, and this registry will better enable clients to decide who they work with for their care needs, and will also help them choose between private caregivers and agencies.”

Any professional caregivers who would like to be added to the registry should call the SVCOA HelpLine at 802-786-5990.

Similarly, older Vermonters can also contact the SVCOA HelpLine at 802-786-5990 to request caregiver information.

Media Contact: Chris Adams, 802-236-1560